Training & Education

York is committed to ensuring the community is a safe space to study, work and live – free from sexual violence.

Our main goal is to support survivors and enhance consent education for the York community through research driven programs, training and campaigns. Providing resources for York faculty and staff helps us create a community of supportive and knowledgeable members ready to refer those in need to the Centre.

Our goal is to educate and raise awareness on issues related to sexual violence, promote healthy and respectful relationships and encourage community members to maintain a safe and respectful culture at York.

Our training includes:

Building awareness on the Sexual Violence Policy

Learn more about York’s Sexual Violence Policy, which highlights a commitment to maintaining a campus community that prevents sexual violence. The policy gives details about filing a complaint and the process for responding to, and addressing, sexual violence for all York community members, including those on the governing board, senior administrators, faculty, staff, students and more.

Building awareness on the Employee Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Employee Sexual Misconduct policy will further strengthen the University’s response to sexual misconduct between an employee and a student.

This policy is in response to Bill 26, Strengthening Post-secondary Institutions and Students Act, 2022. Bill 26 requires every institution to have an employee sexual misconduct policy that includes rules with respect to sexual behaviour that involves employees and students of the institution as well as examples of disciplinary measures that may be imposed on employees who contravene the policy. 

York University’s Employee Sexual Misconduct Policy clarifies what constitutes sexual misconduct, the process for responding to complaints of sexual misconduct and potential discipline if an employee is found to have engaged in sexual misconduct.

Education initiatives for the University community

Our goal through our education initiatives is to promote a change in the attitudes and behaviours that sustain sexual violence, follow up on intent versus impact for respondents and create a more supportive environment for survivors. 

These educational initiatives have a trauma-informed, intersectional approach and work within a community-building structure that lets us acknowledge and validate diverse experiences of violence. Our programs engage with systemic factors that contribute to sexual violence, and challenge rape culture, other forms of discrimination and hate.

By combining education, support and action we strive to create a safe, inclusive and respectful campus environment where sexual violence is actively confronted and replaced with a commitment to understanding, compassion and equity.

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General Content Warning

We recognize that our audience are people with lives, histories and struggles that we are not always aware of. This presentation will contain material on sexual violence, disclosures and other topics that may trigger strong emotions. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the discussion, please prioritize what you need. If you have to step out and take a break, please do so. You can always access support at the Centre if needed. Get in touch with a member of our team by visiting our contact page.