Training & Education

York University and the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education are committed to educating and training the York community about sexual violence.

The University will offer training and education to the University community aimed at preventing sexual violence and improving supports to survivors. This will include:

  • Building awareness on the Sexual Violence Policy,  including processes for responding to and addressing sexual violence, for members of the governing board and senior administrators; faculty, staff and other employees and contractors; and for students.
  • Education initiatives for the University community to promote a change in the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate sexual violence and to create a more supportive environment for survivors. These initiatives will take an intersectional and anti-oppressive approach to addressing the issue of sexual violence and recognize different experiences of violence. Programming will aim to address systemic issues contributing to sexual violence and aim to challenge rape culture and other forms of discrimination and hate.

General Content Warning: We recognize that our audience are people with lives, histories and struggles that we are not privy to and can’t always be aware of. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to provide a content warning for all participants that this presentation will contain material on sexual violence, disclosures as well as other topics that may invoke strong emotions. If you feel triggered or overwhelmed by the discussion, we want you to prioritize what you need in the moment. If you need to step out and take a break, please do so. You can access support at the Centre if needed.

Also, please note that we all need biological breaks, or to step out to address other matters. Therefore, assumptions should not be made that if someone leaves that it is because they have been affected by sexual violence.