An integral part of York University’s commitment to its community to study, work, and live in a campus environment free from sexual violence, is to make available resources to educate its community, support survivors and respond to sexual violence. Through education and awareness campaigns, the University seeks to raise awareness of issues related to sexual violence, promote healthy and respectful relationships, and foster individual and collective action against violence towards a safe and respectful culture at York University.

Educational campaigns will be developed for staff and faculty groups, including but not limited to advisors, counsellors, senior administrators, academic administrators, human resources staff, Security Services, and others including those with student-facing responsibilities. All employees of the University have access to York University’s Sexual Violence Policy. The policy outlines what supports and services are available to those affected by sexual violence, the processes in place to address reports of sexual violence, the rights and obligations of community members regarding sexual violence, and affirms the University’s commitment to procedural fairness.

Additional information

  • The Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services- Women's Issues works to increase women’s economic security and to end violence against women.
  • Visit the Ministry on Women's Issues-Ending Sexual Violence to learn more about sexual violence, what it is, who’s affected and how to help stop it.
  • The Government of Canada: Status of Women in Canada website shares a brief which provides a comprehensive picture of what is known about sexual violence against women in Canada. It includes a discussion of some of the challenges associated with measuring the prevalence of sexual violence, as well as some of the broader historical, political, and social processes that contribute to sexual violence and shape public understanding of the problem.
  • In 2016 the Ontario Ministry conducted a multi-media, public education awareness campaign Who Will You Help. The campaign was intended to raise awareness and challenge norms in order to prevent sexual violence. Before viewing the campaign YouTube video, please note the following:
    • Content Warning: We recognize that our audience are people with lives, histories and struggles that we are not privy to and can’t always be aware of. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to provide a content warning as this YouTube video contains material on sexual violence, disclosures as well as other topics that may invoke strong emotions. If you feel triggered or overwhelmed, you can access support at the Centre if needed.
  • Society’s understanding of sexual violence can be influenced by misconceptions and false beliefs — commonly referred to as rape myths. Separating myths from facts is critical to stopping sexual violence.