Progress Report - May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022

We’re here for you

  • Established Sexual Violence Response Office in 2017.
  • H.E.R.E to Help, Educate, Respond to and Empower survivors and the York community at large.
  • Established The Centre in 2018.
  • Staffed with qualified subject matter experts who operate with the highest levels of confidentiality and deep empathy.
  • York U’s Sexual Violence Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations.
  • Provide supports for survivors and at their own pace.

Training and Education

We offer two training modules, focusing on policies and procedures pertaining to sexual violence response at York, for students and staff and faculty.

  • Step One: Sexual Violence Response & Awareness, is an introductory course that provides information about policies and procedures. 599 certificates have been generated (+94 in 2021)
  • Step Two: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence, uses scenario-based
    interactive learning to evaluate effective response to disclosures of sexual violence. 2,727 certificates have been generated.(+242 in 2021)
  • Step Three: currently in the final stage of development, will help faculty, staff and students understand and learn how to be an active bystander and contribute in a positive way to building a culture of consent at York. Launching Fall 2022

Building Awareness for Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Building Safer Spaces Toolkit was created to support our student community when organizing online events. It serves as a tool to ensure all mechanisms of support are considered.
  • Consent Week & Sexual Violence Response Education Week in the Fall and Winter built awareness of all of the resources and supports available, starting with referrals to the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education.
  • 74 training events.
  • 94 unique training sessions
  • 5,200+ staff, students and faculty that were delivered presentation.
  • Partnership with York Federation of Students led to all club leaders having the opportunity to be trained in the Active Bystander Program.

Ongoing and Continuous Education and Awareness Building

The Centre manages several programs, initiatives and partnerships to actively promote, educate, and engage the York U community, including:

  • The Active Bystander Program: aims to educate community members to intervene when witnessing any form of sexual violence.
  • Consent Talks Play: Created in collaboration with Vanier College Productions, Consent Talks is a short play about sex and consent, which focuses on the university experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Momming Through the Pandemic: Mothering and Motherhood Support Group: In collaboration with Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, the Mothering and Motherhood Support Group provided a safer space for moms to share and support each other and discuss coping strategies
  • Many more

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