Peer Support Group

Peer Support Group

Sexual Violence Reporting Form

Dana Daniels

Master of Education

As an educator, I feel that it’s my responsibility to provide safe spaces for people to thrive and learn to their full potential. I’m an advocate for sexual health and consensual education and I want to work towards creating an inclusive setting for people to explore, connect, and heal. I feel honoured to be a part of this community and I hope to inspire others to begin conversations about sexual violence, become active bystanders, and increase awareness wherever they go. I’m here to listen, support, and occasionally make a pun joke!

I want folks to know that the more we can empower each other the stronger our community is. I hope you know how resilient you are and remember that progress is not linear. Sexual violence happens everywhere everyday and the more educated we are the safer our spaces can become.

Gurpreet Kaur

Children Studies

I chose to become a Peer Supporter and Active Bystander because I feel as individual everyone deserves a safe place. Free from any kind of sexual harassment, violence, and acts or any forms of oppression. As a Peer Supporter and Active Bystander I want to be able to help educate and learn how to help other individuals to heal, learn about the various harmful acts which can inhibit any individual from feeing safe. I want to be able to help educate people that any degree of unwanted sexual attention, assault, or harassment, regardless of how small and harmless it may seem, can impact an individuals life negatively and the people around them. I want to be able to help educate, heal, and support any individual who chooses to seek help and support in an non-judgmental and safe space!

Being apart of The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support, and Education is an amazing way to be involved in the YorkU community. It’s a way to challenge, learn, and unlearn different elements on sexual violence, harassment, acts, and oppression as a whole. It’s a wonderful organization that does so much for individuals and survivors who choose to seek help!

Haifa Kourdi


I chose to become a member of the Peer Support Team and an active bystander at The Centre to help York University community be safe and free from any form of sexual violence. Raising awareness on sexual violence is the key I believe to reduce/ eliminate this type of act. I want to put all my effort into supporting The Centre because I believe in their message and services. I am here to support York University members non- judgmentally while maintaining their confidentiality.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn so many skills, help York University community be safe from sexual violence, and meet our incredibly committed members.

Priyanka Elena Sawhney


Sexual violence can happen to anybody regardless of their sex, gender, orientation, and culture. I want to do my best in raising awareness, providing support, and educating individuals about this very important issue that often gets pushed under the rug. Topics such as pleasure and consent are very misleading. The absence of this in our education system has a dire affect on the norm that is rape culture. It is more than important now to be a part of this change through any means possible. We get to make the community safer, educated, and stronger, so the next generation does not struggle.

If you are passionate about human rights then you should definitely join The Centre. We provide a lot of services and support for individuals who seek it. In addition, we hold workshops and events about sexual violence and harassment, consent, sexuality, pleasure, self care, and much more. You get to be involved in this great movement of justice and equality while making healthy relationships with a variety of individuals. You have the ability to make a difference, even if it’s just one life.

Tina Broujerdi

Outreach Coordinator, Kinesiology BSc.

Even though the topic of Sexual Violence is gaining more awareness, I want to express the passion I have throughout Sexual Violence as there is more work that needs to be done. Many are desensitized to the topic of Sexual Violence due to being exposed to media, pornography, and stereotypes which make such behaviours be considered as the norm; however, as we continue to help guide and enlighten our community, I am optimistic that York University will be a more warm, secure setting. This impacts everyone’s lives, whether directly or indirectly, and it is crucial for students and staff to acknowledge the positive influence they can have on one another, and that it is safe to come forward if needed.

Being a Peer Supporter means we can help educate as many people as we can in regards to the various classifications of oppression that exist. Sexual Violence includes numerous subtopics that many people are not aware of, and this is a great opportunity help inform them and help this community be a rich learning, safe space.

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