Learn and Unlearn

Education and training are important components for dispelling myths we have been taught to believe about sexual violence.  Through educational initiatives, the University hopes to foster a culture where consent is mandatory, survivors are believed and support resources are widely available. We all have a role to play in working to educate against sexual violence in our communities. We encourage our community members to reach out to us to request training and to keep a look out on our website for upcoming initiatives and opportunities to get involved.

What is Rape Culture Video:


While anyone of any gender can experience sexual violence, there are marginalized groups that are at higher risk of experiencing sexual violence. When we aim to use an intersectional approach in addressing sexual violence, it is important that we recognize and keep in mind that there are various aspects towards an individual’s identities, and how one may seek  support may be shaped by their experiences. This is why it is important to always ask someone what they need, rather than assuming based on assumptions or your own experiences. We should always recognize our individual position and how it can affect our capacity to respond as active bystanders.

Sometimes Your a Caterpillar Video:


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The Centre for Sexual Violence Response. Support and Education supports educational initiatives to foster a culture where consent is mandatory.