The Centre will be hosting events/workshops throughout the year and we hope to engage and connect with our community. If you are interested in having us at an event, please feel free to email us at

Current Events:

How to Give and Receive Consent - Luna Matasas

What does consent mean? How do you practice consent in dating and relationships? What do you do if you feel awkward or nervous talking about sex? Consent and communication in dating, relationships and sex can be confusing to navigate.

This workshop will help you understand what consent is and how you can practice it, what it means to give verbal and non-verbal feedback during sex, how to communicate what you desire to your partners and how to manage difficult emotions like rejection and shame. If you are feeling nervous and excited about sexuality or bodies - you're not alone! Bring your questions about consent, dating and sexual communication to this workshop with Luna Matatas, Sex and Pleasure Educator.

Date: September 19th, 5pm-6pm
Location: Nat Taylor Cinema's N102 Ross Building 

Advocacy as form of Care - Keosha Love

This workshop will explore self-advocacy as a self-care practice that liberates us and an empowering tool to reclaim our personal agency, power and boundaries. In this workshop, we will discover healthy ways to use advocacy in our relationships, at work, and in our personal lives, while also exploring the existing barriers that silence us and force us to use survival mechanisms instead of the tools that allow us to thrive. How we show up for ourselves is just as important as how we show up for others and self-advocacy is how we start to fully honour ourselves.

Date: 21st of September, 11:30am-12:30pm
Location: 305 York Lanes

Wen-do: Women and Non-Binary Self Defence

This 2-hour workshop is brought to you by Canada’s oldest self-defence organization, Wen-Do. Wen-Do focuses on women’s safety and empowerment by preparing participants to defend themselves both mentally and physically while giving women the confidence to deal with the range of types of aggression. It covers the fundamentals of women’s self-defence through a feminist, anti-oppression analysis, the importance of using our voice, body weapons, kicks, blocks, body hold releases, and we will break down stereotypes about violence against women.

These practical techniques are taught in a safe and supportive learning environment. Please bring: a yoga mat, firm cushion or rolled up sleeping bag (to serve as a punching bag); water to drink; and a notebook (optional). This workshop is open to cis and trans women of all abilities, aged 10+.

Date: September 20th, 4pm-6pm
Location: Studio C, Second Student Centre

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