In keeping with the recommendations from Health Canada regarding social distancing, The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education (The Centre) will continue to provide services to community members through telephone: 416-736-5211 and email: Visit The Centre's supports and resources page during COVID-19

The Centre will be hosting events/workshops throughout the year and we hope to engage and connect with our community. If you are interested in having us at an event, please feel free to email us at

Current Events:

Sexual Violence Response Education Week

Join the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education as we raise awareness about Sexual Violence Response from February 5 to February 12, 2021.

Attend virtual workshops, panels and training open to students, staff and faculty.

York U Student Art Therapy Support Group

Finding a sense of balance and navigating life's stressors has become even more difficult in this past year. Mental health care and self-care in general has become more important than ever before.

This support group is open to all York University students. We will focus on providing a safe space for self-expression and developing coping skills through a combination of art therapy and mindfulness self-compassion practice.

This is a beginner level art therapy group, and there are no expectations that participants have prior experience with visual arts, art therapy, or mindfulness.

Start Date: January 25, 2021
Subsequent Dates: Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15
Registration: Please email by January 22, 2021. Zoom link will be emailed to registrants.
Time: 1 to 2 p.m.(EST)

Wellness Wednesday: Staff Art Therapy Workshop

Finding a sense of balance through the pandemic, while supporting others on a regular basis (through your work) is difficult. Furthermore, sustaining regular self-care practices and a positive state of mind have become even more important.

This workshop aims to help participants strengthen their daily self-care practice and develop tools to support their mental health through a combination of art therapy, gratitude and mindfulness. This is not like an art class where we learn "artistic techniques", so no prior art experience is required.

Date: February 10, 2021
Registration: Please email by February 5, 2021. Zoom link to be emailed to registrants.
Time: 1 to 2 p.m. (EST)

Past Events:

National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women

Join us as we honour those we have lost and reflect on renewing our commitment to take action on ending gender-based violence.

Participating in community events and conversations such as these helps to eliminate gendered violence.

Trans Awareness Week at York U

The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education and Student Counselling & Development will be hosting Trans Awareness Week at York U from November 16 to 20, 2020 in support of our Trans, Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Community.

All York students, staff and faculty who identify as part of York’s Trans, Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Community are invited to attend online events.

Consent Week at YorkU

Join the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education as we raise awareness about consent during Consent Week at York U from September 28 to October 2, 2020.

Attend online panels, sessions and events open to students, staff and faculty.

It Starts With YU

Featuring our in-house sewing expert Julie Parna from the Office of the Vice Provost Academic.

Join the Zoom tutorial and learn how to make your own non-medical mouth and nose cover. Help keep our community safe.

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Time: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT
Register to get the Zoom Link

Shades of Our Sisters

Experience an interactive exhibit co-created by the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans, and Two Spirit People (MMIWGT2S), aiming to share the memory of their loved ones and what the loss of their life means to them. We invite the York community to come to know the stories of MMIWGT2S and challenge Canadians to understand the injustice of this national tragedy.

Dates: March 9-13, 2020
Location: 2nd Floor Scott Library Atrium
We'd like to thank you for supporting Shades of Our Sisters:
Ryerson Communication & Design Society
Ryerson University
RTA School of Media - Ryerson University
RECODE at Ryerson University
Student Initiative Fund
In collaboration with the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Science, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Lassonde School of Engineering.

3rd Annual "Transgathering"

Join us on March 11 for the 3rd Annual "TransGathering" as we create a safe, non-judgmental space to express, explore, exchange and connect with other trans and non-binary students at York.

The drop-in event will feature guest speaker Jay Jonah, a York alumni and trans-identifying Registered Social Worker. This event is brought to you by Student Counselling & Development and The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education.

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Location: N110 Bennett Centre
Time: 2:30 pm. to 4:00 p.m.

"The Huddle"

The Huddle is a program created by the Gender Equity co-laboratory of the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education to create spaces where those who identify within the male spectrum and non-binary are provided with opportunities to discuss challenges, toxic masculinity and work towards bettering themselves. The goal is to be able to challenge everyday stereotypes and social constructions of masculinity to better support one and other, while also working towards learning ways to stop perpetuating gender based violence.

It will be facilitated by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is a senior PhD student at York University majoring in the Humanities. His doctorate is interdisciplinary and encompasses key notions amongst the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religious studies and literature with a focus on the philosophies of self-consciousness within the west and the intellectual background of black consciousness. He is a TDSB high school teacher; co-founder of the non-profit organization Generation Chosen which focuses on Mental health and Emotional intelligence within underserved communities; a narrative ambassador with the Black Experience Project housed/funded by Environics Research Institute; co-creator/co-facilitator of the Rooted and Rising environmental activism program; and sits on the board of Operation Black Vote Canada as the Director of Youth Outreach.

Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Location: 280A York Lanes
Time: 2:00 pm. to 4:00 p.m.

Consent Week at YorkU

Join the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education as we raise awareness about consent during Consent Week at York U from February 10 to 14, 2020.

Attend workshops, training and our Valentines Day Photobooth at both Keele & Glendon campuses for students, staff and faculty.

Board Game Breather


Come visit the Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education for a Board Game Breather. This event is to support our students, staff and faculty unwind, de-stress from exams and connect with others. All are welcome!
Date: Friday, December 13, 2019
Location: 301 York Lanes
Time: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women

Join us and take action against gender-based violence. Participate in one of many community events across campus focused on inspiring and educating the community, while honouring the 14 victims of the École Polytechnique massacre in Montreal. Learn more about the community events and the history behind this cause.

Trans Awareness Week Speaker

“When We Are Visible” with Stef Sanjati

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Time: 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: ACW 205

  • Please email for any accessibility needs.

Growing up as a transgender woman in a small town and then launching into a career in entertainment and YouTube as a teenager, Stef Sanjati (Twitter, Instagram) discusses the role childhood trauma played in her career choice and perception of success, as well as the nature of the influencer industry and how it can affect the people inside of it who are most visible. This is a talk on isolation, fear, violence, self-image, coping, healing and solutions. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A and meet and greet.

Stef Sanjati is a digital creator who, with her YouTube channel, has navigated all genres of content for over a decade, evolving with the platform. In this ever-changing digital media landscape, she strives to remind both viewers and creators to remain grounded and understand they have value beyond internet fame.

Her most popular content includes informative series about being transgender (both for the community and allies) and stories about her experience with her genetic mutation, Waardenburg Syndrome. Now, she is trying to revive the old way of creating, highlighting improvisation, community, and laughter, while challenging how limiting modern beauty standards can be and encouraging her audience to treat themselves with compassion, kindness, and care.

Keep up with her on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

Restorative Approaches to Sexual Violence on Campus: Exploring the Issues

Panelists: Dr. Lori Haskell, Melanie Randall & Jennifer Llewellyn

Friday, November 1
Time: 12 to 2 p.m.
Location: Accolade West, Rm 205
Moderated By: Nneka MacGregor, LL.B.

Panel Discussion Details

Self-Care is not Selfish Series: Belly Dancing Class with Shaila-First date: Thursday October 18, 2018 5pm to 6:15pm and Second date: Thursday November 8 12pm to 1pm (201 Accolade East). This workshop focuses on key foundational movement practices inherent in belly dance traditions that are designed for resourcing and self-soothing tools for stress and anxiety. This trauma-informed workshop series is designed to explore a safer space for self-exploration around the pleasure of movement. Through belly dance framework it can be used as mindful tool to help us quieten the mind through gentle wave-work allowing an inner exploration and self-discovery.

Self-Care is not Selfish Series: Art Therapy Group for Survivors of Sexual Violence Monday October 15, and every following Monday for 8 weeks until Monday December 3, 2018. The Art Therapy program explores the impact of trauma and inner strength/resiliency, through a combination of artistic expression and group discussion.

Come As You Are:
Event Date: Wednesday June 20 2018
Time: 12pm-2pm
Location: 109 Atkinson College

The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education and the Office of Student Community Relations held an event for Pride 2018. The mandate of our office is to continue to raise awareness and provide educational opportunities for our community members. This year, we were proud to host two wonderful speakers. Haran Vijayanathan will be providing a key note message about the importance of culturally sensitive services and appropriate educational awareness programs, while Anna Penner will be conducting a workshop on Queering Sexual Education.

Keynote Speaker: Haran Vijayanathan – Executive Director, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention

Keynote Description:
Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sexual Orientation, gender identities are hard discussions in mainstream communities. It is that much harder within the South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. The Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention strives to ensure that we have culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate educational and awareness raising programs to encourage community to have these conversations framed in "healthy relationships". Discussions on consent, sexual orientation, gender identities, sexual health are all discussed and we aim to not only have conversations with the young folks, but also the parents and community as a whole. We feel strongly that to have meaningful change, we need to ensure we build bridges between generations in order to have healthy communities.

Workshop Speaker: Anna Penner – Coordinator, LGBTQ* Youth Initiative Planned Parenthood Toronto

Workshop Description:
For the past six years, staff and youth volunteers at Planned Parenthood Toronto have been working to create inclusive, accessible, sex education resources for LGBTQ2S youth. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to discuss what it means to queer sex education. What are the barriers to good sexual health? What topics does sex education need to encompass? How can we meet the needs of young people who inhabit a wide range of identities and experiences? What does healthy sexuality look like within LGBTQ2S communities?