The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education is committed to engaging in ongoing dialogue with our community members whether it is through presentations, meetings or consultations to gain feedback and raise awareness.

More than 35 consultations were undertaken by the Sexual Violence Working Group with community groups across campus,  with students, staff and faculty including three public consultations, representing 60+ hours of consultations. These community consultations allowed representatives of the Working Group to meet face-to-face with just under 600 community members. These meetings set the foundation for establishing our policy, and the vision for our office.

Our on going meetings with the community continue to foster insightful input, help us build awareness and assist with education with respect to the policy. It is integral that we continue to meet with members of our community in order to raise awareness on  the support services and accommodations available to survivors, as well as how best to approach training, education and communications.

Providing Ongoing Input on Policy and Process


If you would like to provide input about the response process to sexual violence and/or related services, please email If meeting in person would be preferred, this can be arranged. Feedback can be held in confidence.